FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is the difference between the Desk and Field editions?

The contents are identical. The Field Edition features a different set of materials:

  • Cover and map pages are waterproof and tear-resistant
  • the paper will not bulge or be spoiled in any other way by dew
  • the legend, also printed on waterproof material, can be taken out
  • the weight is lowered by about 40% compared to the desk edition


I've already got a star atlas. What is different here?

interstellarum Deep-Sky-Atlas will show you all deep sky objects according to their actual telescopic visibility. With a single glance, you can see whether any object is visible with 4-, 8-, or 12-inch telescopes.


I'm a beginner. Is this atlas for me?

Sure! With its revolutionary design, interstellarum Deep-Sky-Atlas will help you to pick out those objects that you actually can see! In most other atlases, up to 50% of the objects shown cannot be seen with a moderate to large telescope. This atlas will only present you with the visible ones - frustration will be avoided.


I own a telescope that does not match the object categories of the atlas. Can I use the atlas nevertheless?

Of course! The visibility of deep sky objects in your telescope can be estimated quite easily with the atlas. If you want to know exactly, we suggest using Eye & Telescope software, which allows detailed calculation for any given telescope and sky conditions.


Object selection

There are many objects in my atlas not showing up in interstellarum Deep-Sky-Atlas. Others are not in my atlas - why is it?

Your atlas is not really aimed at visual observers. As the object database of your atlas is not based on the actual visibility of objects shown, there are many targets way beyond the limits of medium large telescopes. Most atlases boast very large numbers of deep sky objects, but you won't be able to see a large number of them. interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas will not only show you those objects that you can actually see, but also all of them! All popular atlases miss several thousand objects that are within reach of moderate large telescopes - this atlas does not!


What is the deep sky database of interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas?

The deep sky object data was selected and calculated with Eye & Telescope software (Cambridge University Press). These results have been cross-checked with 15,000 real observations from the "Deep-Sky-Liste" project, which was conducted between 1994 and 2012.