Comparison with Uranometria 2000.0 (Willman-Bell) 2nd ed

Feature Uranometria 2000.0 interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas
Contents 220 double spreads in two volumes 114 double spreads in one volume
Scale and limiting magnitude 1.85 cm per degree, 9.75 mag 1.5 cm per degree, 9.5 mag
Chart size max. 18.5 cm x 22 cm = min. 40min R.A. x 12° Decl. 26 cm x 28 cm = min. 1h R.A. x 15° Decl.
Stars 280,000 stars, 6300 variable stars, double stars without designation 201,719 stars, 1168 variable stars, 2950 designated double stars, 371 stars with exoplanets
Deep sky objects 25,895 galaxies, 671 clusters of galaxies, 0 groups of galaxies, 1617 open clusters, 170 globular clusters, 0 asterisms, 14 star clouds, 377 bright galactic nebulae, 367 dark nebulae, 1144 planetary nebulae, 260 radio sources, 35 x-ray sources 9599 galaxies, 117 clusters of galaxies, 508 groups of galaxies, 1903 open clusters, 181 globular clusters, 536 asterims, 58 star clouds, 530 bright galactic nebulae, 526 dark nebulae, 755 planetary nebulae, 122 quasars
Invisible objects for 12-inch telescope ca. 15,000 (50% of total database) 1231, form additional objects category
Missing objects for 12-inch telescope ca. 1500 None!
Delineation of stars Black on white, variable stars in four categories according to their amplitude, double stars as standard symbol Black on white, variable stars with maximum and minimum magnitude, double stars with symbol showing separation, position angle, and magnitude difference
Delineation of deep sky objects Black on white, symbol or outline to scale, outlines according to photographs, no information on visibility Colors on white, symbol or outline to scale, outlines according to visual observations, divided into in three categories as visible in 4-inch, 8-inch or 12-inch telescopes, additional objects not fitting into these
Editions Hardcover Desk edition in spiral binding, cardboard cover; Field edition in spiral binding, printed on special foil, water-resistant, tear-resistant, plastic cover
Detail maps 29 at a scale 2x or 3x of main maps 29 at a scale 2x to 4x of main maps