There are two editions of interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas. The contents are identical.

Desk Edition: This edition is printed on heavy paper with a cardboard cover. It is spiral bound and can be flipped over. The legend is printed on the inner sleeve of the cover. This edition will last for a lifetime of observing if handled with minimum care.

Field Edition: This edition comes in a sturdy slipcase. The maps are printed on Polyart, which feels like paper, but is a sophisticated polyethylene foil. The cover is Priplak, a durable PVC material. The legend comes separately and can be put in a jacket on the inner sleeve. The entire set is waterproof and tear-resistant. You can write on it with water-soluble ink, and wipe it away. If getting wet, the atlas can be simply dried by wiping over the pages with a dry cloth. The pages will not get worn even if after being soaked into an aquarium!